Monday morning breakfast in Beverly Hills at Backyard Bowls on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. YUM!!! 

Who would have guessed that I stumble upon a culinary Santa Barbara staple in Beverly Hills. Did I not spend a whole week in SBA this summer? Guess, I just have to go back again and keep my eyes open for these and other travelicious destinations. 

Loving my Aronia Bowl (first time ever, have too Google those), the loose Yasmine tea and have happily put myself in the cozy corner.   

Happy Monday Morning and Backyard Bowls is travelicious indeed. Giving the L.A. location an 8/10 with the only reason for the not perfect score being that it is at a very busy street. 

For those of you staying at a nearby hotel, walk the few blocks instead of spending much more for the breakfast there. Already the small bowl is enough to share! 

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