Sometimes it is all about the journey! 

 An unexpected roadtrip from L.A. to Santa Barbara could not have been more beautiful. Was heading north on 101 as the sun started to set, so I pulled off the highway to snap a few photos. Over 90 minutes later – and after a glorious beauty nature “show” – I was still on the beach – smiling and feeling recharged.

The first phone battery had long died, and most others who had also stopped to capture the sunset were gone, but the after glow over the shore and Channel Islands was well worth getting the good new not-beach-suitable shoes wet and sandy. Priceless experience – for new shoes there is always a credit card 🙂

Wrote “I love my life” in the sand and truly meant it. New Year’s resolution 2016: be more spontaneous and inspired by Rachel Lucas from The Travel Bite, I shall also take the time to watch more sunsets – just like this one. 


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