So part of living in the South of the United States means that even if there is only minimal snowfall, it is a BIG deal – for the lack of equipment to manage the effects of snow and ice. So grounded we are with no chance to stock up (not that my kitchen needs it anyway), but finally there is time and reason to contribute actively to The Funnelogy Channel‘s awesome “Culinary Travel Week” (LOVE your idea Nico and Gabi) and thanks to  Yoori from The Chick Who Eats I knew exactly what to make. Her recent post about those Raw Sweet Potato Pancakes had me craving breakfast and want to get on the next plane to Vietnam. However, since I am more the savory gal, and it is way past breakfast, I used the same ingredients, more sweet potato, less banana, added lemon peel, fresh thinly sliced hot peppers as well as dried chili flakes, pepper and nutmeg into the mixture and voilà, here are my Snowday Hotcakes.

Here is the close-up and while these little tasty ying’n’yang savoury silver dollar cakes don’t look stunningly beautiful, the tasted great and are actually good for me. Have some extra “batter” in the fridge and will fry them up later today – probably with some nuts added and knowing me just too well, probably also some Hot’n Bothered Perky Jerky. Can only go vegetarian so long, however, I am staying gluten-free with this meal here.

To a happy and healthy travelicious New Year! Sorry that I don’t really document the ingredients and preparations in detail when I cook as that is just not my thing, but maybe you too will have fun with these and other dishes that I share on this blog.

#culinarytravelweek #travelicious #somelikeithot

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