Eat in Trastevere! Had the pleasure of indulging at Davide and Andrea’s Osteria Fernanda last night and for the moment I shall just let some pictures do the talking… 

When in Rome, eat at Osteria Fernanda! 

Okay, a few words: Chose the ultimate treat, menu Davide and his take on Saltimbocca was my absolute favorite.  I asked for smaller portions and still couldn’t finish it all. Davide Del Duca likes to surprise you with his unique combinations, and his signature, award winning dessert with black garlic is surely something very unique. Amazing service, beautiful place, absolutely travelicious!!!

Make sure to check out the website, too: Osteria Fernanda. And while I am lucky enough to speak good enough culinary Italian to not need one, there is also an English menu. 
buon Appetito!


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